Hackster 2030 aims to harness the power of 800,000 hardware developers to support the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. By creating open, collaborative breakthrough ideas, we can help bring the United Nations' vision closer to reality and unlock new opportunities brought forth by the community.  


Hackster 2030 { Engineering for Good }

With Hackster 2030, we are joining hundreds of countries and leading organizations to support the UN's Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030. With Hackster, some of the best creative mind will help rethink and challenge the statuesque and protect the planet and all of its inhabitants.  Supporting these goals is unquestionably a moral imperative, but the task also presents a significant commercial opportunity, estimated at $12 trillion a year in revenue and cost savings and 380 million new jobs by 2030. This is where you come in.

17 Goals to Transform Our World

Submit your relevant project at our Hackster 2030 hub and tag one or more of the 17 United Nation Goals.  





Collaborate with other developers to discover sophisticated and unorthodox solutions to hard problems. 

Hackster will help you advance your idea by connecting you with partners who will support you with a $ (TBD) fund. 



Your Ideas = $ (TBD) Funding

"Hackster 2030 culminate our most important work to date. We are building the platform for invention and collaboration to help deliver the Global Goals. We believe that going forward, a sustainable future is the only option to a more prosperous one. With Hackster 2030, we're committed to discover and capture new market opportunities for those who dare bettering our world."

Adam Benzion & Benjamin Larralde,

Hackster Co-Founders

Calling on all engineers, developers, designers and citizen scientists to join Hackster 2030 and improve the world around us. Collaborate with the best engineering minds to deliver scientific, technological, and product breakthroughs focused on solving the United Nation's 17 goals. 


Support Hackster 2030 and become part of the change we need to see in our world. Hackster 2030 is seeking your partnership, funding and expertise. Your brand will be known as an agent of goodwill and change in our world. Read more here.